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Leather Tiles

Product Description:

Manufacturers offer you well designed Leather wall paneling. They are manufactured as per latest trend in the industry. Leather wall paneling is developed from finest quality raw materials which helps to ensure its durability. We are one of the well established manufacturer of our long lasting wall paneling. These leather wall paneling gives contemporary look to the interiors of homes and offices. Hence, have gained wide acknowledgment for durability, softness and its comfort ability.

Features of Leather Tiles:

Apart from giving the rich, exotic and glamours look, leather tiles has many features and advantages which are as follows:
Water resistant, Hassle-free renovation opportunity, Acoustic for pin drop clarity of your sound system/T.V. etc, Dimensionally stable, Even & smooth surface, Fast colors, Lifelong magnet, Free from hazardous chemicals, Eco friendly, Odour free with classic soft smell of leather, Free positive vibes due to magnetic field, Health benefits and maintenance due to magnetic force, Safe for children crawling, Economic & affordable prices, What's more, there are hundreds of styles to choose from.

Product Characteristic:-
Leather Texture, Water Proof, Fire Retardant, Sound Insulation, Environmental Friendly Material, Diverse Collection and Combination, Long Durability, Integrated And Full Range Of Product, Formaldehyde Elimination, Soft & Comfortable, Easy Maintenance, Widely Application, Easy Installation.

Leather Tiles for Wall Panel Sheets
Leatherite Wall panel sheets are used as interior decoration material to make the background of room more attractive and beautiful. These can be used in residential and commercial places. We offer to our clients a simple, quick and affordable way to change the look of a room. World-class collection of Leatherite wall panel sheets are available. We offer an attractive and amazing range of LEATHERITE Wall PANEL SHEETS Which is extensively used in residential as well as commercial places. Available in exuberant color combinations and impeccable designs, these Wall PANEL are easy to install and perfectly match with the interior decor of the office or home. These Wall PANEL provide a flexible possibility for architectural styling which enable the end users to use different types of Wall PANEL as per the occasion. Further, we can customize the Wall PANEL are available in sheet size 920 mm x 1350 mm x 1.25 mm.

MANY designs & patterns available, Made as per international quality standards.